EVOLVE FB-100 Hockey Stick Pink

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Designed in New Zealand & sold all around the world 
Evolve sticks are designed by the same people that have worked on some of the brands you have come to know.
Evolve is everything we have learnt & everything we are working on.  "Strive for Greatness"
  • Fusion Bow perfect mix of a low-bow & mid bow  
  • "Feel Resin" for outstanding response & touch 
  • "Ultra Light Technology" gives the perfect balance & supports one-handed play
  • Brand new "Power Spot" for maximum velocity  
  • Round handle to allow bottom hand to rotate quickly for advanced dribbling 
  • Silica head reduces spin when trapping the ball
  • Embossed grip 
  • 24.5mm bend at 250mm
  • 90% Japanese 3K carbon fabric